4 Tips for Caring for High-Porosity (sensitive) Hair

Last week we covered everything you need to know about caring for low porosity hair but this week we're going to get into all things high-porosity. 

Let's start with a definition of what exactly high-porosity is. High-porosity hair can be categorized as any hair that allows moisture in fairly quickly while also releasing that same moisture and nutrients out quickly as well. 

Knowing your hair porosity is essential to properly taking care of your hair. High-porosity hair strands have raised cuticles which is opposite of the low porosity counter parts. 

Think of your high-porosity kinks and curls as an a drain. Water goes in and comes out just as fast as it went in. With this in mind check out our top 4 tips for high-porosity naturals: 

Protein Treatments ARE Your Friend

Be sure NOT to overdo this step but protein is your friend. Your kinks and coils need a little extra strength and coming up with a consistent routine will help strengthen each strand so that you can prevent breakage and that dry affect. 

You'll have to look out for protein treatments that are for high-porosity hair while making sure that you avoid doing more than 1 protein treatment per month. 

Deep Condition

Every natural NEEDS a good deep condition but especially you high porosity ladies. While your hair is dry, and brittle you need to be ensuring that your curls have enough moisture. 

Remember, your hair loves to let moisture go as quick as it let's the moisture (and nutrients) in. Deep conditioning will help you to retain that moisture as long as you possibly can.

Instead of using a blow dryer or heating cap to lock in your deep conditioner try simply covering your hair with a scarf or cap before washing it out. You can attempt to close your hair cuticles as much as you can with cold water. 

This leads us right into the next tip. 

Heat Reduction PLEASE!

Of course too much heat isn't good for any hair type but ESPECIALLY high-porosity which is also known as super sensitive hair.

Those curls and kinks are basically begging you to go easy with the heat whether you love a good blow out, flat iron or what ever the case may be.

Let her (your natural hair) flourish and breathe without the heat damage. Heat dries out your hair as well which only speeds up the process of your high-porosity hair letting out all moisture and nutrients.  

Thicker Oils, Creams and Butters

We're talking about the opposite of low porosity hair here right? So high-porosity girls NEED heavy creams and oils. 

Light oils like olive oil just won't cut it. Remember back in the days when your mom or grandma (or other family members) swore by using that thick greasy coconut oil?

Well, they were on to something for high-porosity ladies. 

These heavy twisting creams and butters are also a good friend to you since the nutrients in these products won't easily escape. 

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