5 Tips for Caring for Low Porosity (Stubborn) Hair

Low porosity hair is also known as stubborn hair. Mostly because moisture is difficult to get inside the cuticles of your strands. For all the low porosity ladies out there rest assured that we have 5 awesome tips to help you keep your low porosity hair as healthy as possible. 

Before we get into these tips lets define low porosity hair. Your hair may be low porosity if water droplets stay in your hair after getting it wet, if it takes a long time for your hair to soak in water while washing, if your hair accumulates lots of product build up and if you find that your hair is dry and difficult to put moisture in no matter how many different hair conditioners, deep conditioners and twisting creams you use. 

Think of your hair strands as a line which doesn't easily open. Here are 5 tips for dealing with low porosity hair so that you can get more moisture and that bouncy hair flow you're looking for. 

1. Heat is Your Friend

Now, we don't want to go over board and cause heat damage but low porosity hair needs a little heat to help open up the hair shaft and allow nutrients & moisture into those strands. 

For example, you can rinse your hair with warm water and apply your deep conditioner and then sit with a plastic cap and low heat on your blow dryer to help soak in all those good ingredients your low porosity hair needs. 


2. Light Oils Over Heavy Oils

Another thing about low porosity hair is the fact that heavy oils and products in general tend to just sit on top of your hair instead of being soaked into the coils. 

This is why low porosity natural hair ladies should stick to light oils like olive oil and grape seed oil. 

Keep this tip in mind when considering our next tip. 


3. Clarifying Shampoo Please!

Your hair is practically crying out for you to use a clarifying shampoo that will release all the old gel, oils, creams and deep conditioners you've used. 

Without a clarifying shampoo all the product build up in your hair will ultimately stay there and become coated over with more products (yuck)

Companies like Shea Moisture have amazing clarifying shampoos that work perfectly for low porosity naturals. 


4. Choose These Proteins

Plenty of low porosity beauties don't understand this part. We're glad to debunk which proteins you should actually use on your low porosity kinks and coils. 

Look for the following: 

- Silk Protein

- Wheat Protein

- Hydrolyzed Protein

These are the only proteins you should use as a low porosity girl. You'll be shocked to see how many natural hair companies list these on their products!


5. Know YOUR Hair 

In the natural hair community we love to watch YouTubers & Influencers hoping the same things that worked for them will work for us. 

Unfortunately, that's not always the case and often times ends in more hair breakage and going backwards instead of forwards on the healthy natural hair journey. 

Pay attention to your own hair. What does your hair like? What does it dislike? If one low porosity girl loves one product that doesn't work in your hair find a different one. 

Listen and pay attention to her (your kinks and coils) and you'll know exactly what she needs. 

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