Going Bald Under Your Install? How to Care for Your Hair Under Extensions

Hair breakage, dry ends and shedding should not be happening as often as they do. 

You know what I’m talking about right? After you had that beautiful hair installed you realized your scalp and hair were left dry and looking less than flawless. 
Taking care of your natural hair underneath your extensions, is very important. 
Now you used these bundles, wigs and sew-ins to protect your kinks and promote healthy hair right? 
The truth is that when you don’t take care of your curls before, and after an install you’ll be left looking in the mirror with damaged hair. 
Here are a few steps you NEED to take to ensure your hair doesn’t end up breaking when using wigs and weaves as a protective style. 
  1. Cleanse Thoroughly Before Adding Hair
Using a clarifying shampoo will help you to strip those kinks and curls of dirt and old oils. 
There is a time for gentle shampooing but this is not the time. A clarifying shampoo will keep your scalp and hair clear while your extensions are in. 
Your hair install is probably going to last at least 4 weeks so you need to make sure your hair is squeaky clean before installing Amani Hair. 
  1. Keep the Moisture By Any Means Necessary


Having dry hair under neath that wig cap is the #1 cause of hair breakage and damage. 
After washing your hair use the following:
  •  a conditioner 
  • deep conditioner 
  • oils 
  • leave-in
Just because you’re using a conditioner doesn’t mean you can skip the whole deep conditioning process. 
While your hair is wrapped up and being protected under that new install you are responsible for ensuring your hair gets the much needed nutrients it needs to survive. 
Deep conditioners provide nutrients and moisture so you kinks and coils will stay beautiful under your new hair. 
Seal everything together and lock that moisture back in with your favorite hair oil. 
Keep your hair texture (4a,4b,4c etc...) and porosity (low/high) in mind when moisturizing. 
As long as your hair is clean and packed with moisture and nutrients you won’t have any issues with your install.
3. After taking down your extensions or install after a few weeks be sure to treat your hair kindly with gentle motions. You may even need a quick trim so be aware of the condition of your ends. 
To make the shampooing and detangling process easy after wearing your extensions you can begin by pre-pooing or soaking your hair in oil prior to washing. 
Repeat all of the above steps after taking your install down and you'll be good to go!
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