How to Know When You Need a Protein Treatment

Deep conditioning, conditioners, pre-pooing and finding out which texture your natural hair is are all important points for keeping long, healthy, kinks and coils. 

Protein treatments are also an essential part of a healthy hair regimen that often goes unnoticed. Now, before going crazy and buying any and every protein treatment on the market you need to understand both your hair type and whether or not your hair is protein sensitive. 

If you have low porosity hair be sure to use a protein treatment sparingly. So, you really should only do protein treatments once or twice every few months. 

Low porosity hair is characterized and known for making it difficult for moisture to soak up into the hair follicles. This means that when you do protein treatments too often (1-2 a month is too much) you’ll probably experience adverse effects such as dry and brittle hair. 

Now, on the flip side if you have high-porosity (your hair accepts moisture quickly and lets it out quickly) you can and should do a protein treatment more often to soak up all those nutrients in your hair strands


If you have high porosity hair then you need to be considering protein treatments 1-2 times every single month. 

Now you see the difference between high porosity and low porosity protein treatment schedules. Let’s get into the biggest signs of needing a protein treatment. 

Your Curls Are Lacking - Big Time

Sis, we see your curls are lacking. They’re frizzy and they lack that bounce factor that you’ve missed. This is a big sign that you need to increase your protein treatment schedule or switch to a different treatment that is made for your hair type. 

‘ Why Does My Hair Keep Shedding Like Crazy??’

If this is you -- be sure to think about the last time you did a protein treatment. Was it last month, last year? When your hair (which is already dead) lacks the proper nutrients to strengthen the follicle it begins to shed and fall out. 

Give those kinks some strength! (aka protein)

‘ Wait, Wasn’t My Hair a Different Hair Type Last Month?’

Have you ever asked yourself this question while looking in the mirror? Sometimes our hair will play mind tricks on us and revert to a completely different hair type when it isn’t properly cared for. 

If your hair moves from low porosity or neutral porosity to high that’s a good sign that you haven’t been keeping up with your hair regimen. 

No worries beautiful! Just grab your favorite protein treatment and keep yourself on a consistent schedule based on your hair type. 

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