The Secret to Keeping Your Natural Hair Moisturized and Flourishing


Our natural hair can seem like a head ache at times. Wash day, conditioning, deep conditioning, applying protein treatments and hair masks — you get the point. 

All this work just to realize your hair still feels dry and frizzy only two days later. 
The secret to keeping your length and protecting those kinks and coils is to SEAL YOUR moisture in with oils. Remember to concentrate on your ends too since they are the oldest part of your hair. 
Depending on your hair porosity this step may involve applying light heat or a cap after deep conditioning. 
Here are a few oils that are known for their moisturizing properties 
  •  Coconut Oil
  • Jojoba Oil 
  • Green Tea Oil 
  • Olive Oil 
After washing your hair you strip it of all oils leaving it dry and brittle. Adding conditioner and deep conditioner help you to get moisture back in BUT the oil literally seals the deal and keeps your kinks and curls moisturized for longer periods of time. 
When you have naturally kinky curly hair, your hair loses moisture quickly so sealing your nutrients and moisture in your hair strands has to involve an oil to keep it in. 
Keep a regular routine of moisturizing and locking in oil to keep your coils hydrated. 
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