Some women hide Amazon packages, handbags, or new clothing from their husbands; I hid hair. I’d buy something new online and hide it away in the closet, under the bed in a handbag. When hubby would see it, he’d say, “A new hair again!" I’d say, “This old thing," and even though he knew, I wouldn’t ever confirm. I’ve always loved hair extensions. They’re the perfect way to play dress up and he knew it.

He’d see right through me and being who he is, my partner and anchor, he saw a business opportunity for us. He made me realize that there were other women like me who loved hair extensions and wouldn’t mind buying them if they were available here.

With a small investment, we purchased our first batch of bundles, and made a commitment to keep reinvesting in the business. My coworkers were our first Amani Dolls. They tried and tested our hair, then gave feedback and that’s how we chose our first few vendors.

Branding our business was a bit hard at first. While we still didn’t have a name, we began a Facebook Page. My husband and I bounced between different names for our company, but it wasn’t until I was on maternity leave that we settled on one. My new bundle of joy became the inspiration for the joy we bring to hundreds of women with our bundles. We named our bouncing new business Amani Hair after our beautiful Peyton Amani.

We started from a couch in our sitting room where we supplied Remy hair extensions to women across New Providence. Soon, our business grew and expanded, exceeding our expectations. In 2015 we opened our physical store on Soldier Road and Chakur Way. We expanded the Amani Hair brand to offer Natural Hair Products in addition to our Remy Hair extensions.

With the expansion to a new store came the expansion of the hair types we offered. We learned that hair extensions were more than body wave, straight, deep wave and kinky curly. My husband and I made it our business to travel to parts of South East Asia so that we could get a deeper understanding of the hair market and bring that to The Bahamas with hopes of expanding to the United States.

Here’s what we knew, based on our customer profiles, 90% of our customers were naturals with unprocessed or chemical free hair. We learned that many of them resorted to extensions that were available to them, but they really needed extensions that would be as seamless as possible and would blend with their natural hair. Many of them also wanted to be able to find natural hair products to help them to maintain their natural textured hair extensions and their natural hair. Our dolls were embracing their own unique beauty and the freedom to choose how they expressed it through their hair.

In 2017 we answered the call and rebranded to Amani Hair & Beauty offering, natural textured hair extensions, permed/relaxed hair textures, raw virgin hair extensions and the hard to find natural hair care products.

At Amani Hair and Beauty, we represent the sophisticated and sassy woman; the girl that gets it done and does it well. Whether you love to flaunt your natural tresses and locks or play dress up with your favorite Remy and Virgin hair, Amani supplies you with all of your favorite brands to look your best while being your best.

Amani is committed to the well-being of each curl, coil, kink and follicle, enhancing the beauty you possess from its very root. We carefully curate hair-care brands that are tried and true to celebrate your unique hair type. Our knowledgeable, capable and friendly Amani Dolls walk you through the process of picking the best products and hair systems for you. That includes haircare for a variety of hair types that blend in with your natural hair seamlessly.

Amani Hair and Beauty specializes in Virgin Remy, and Raw Virgin hair varieties that we personally hand source from authentic vendors the world over. When you shop with us, know that you are buying a brand that lasts and is the best quality hair in the market.

Most of all, Amani Hair is dedicated to developing your personal style of beauty. While our main focus is hair, we also provide perfect products to cleanse and tone skin, and help you maintain your natural glow.