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Get comfortable! Here’s a crash course in Remy and Virgin Remy hair. Firstly, Virgin hair is human hair that has NEVER had any chemicals added or been changed mechanically. Here’s a table that compares the hair types that we carry.

Hair Type Virgin Hair Remy Virgin Remy Raw Virgin
Hair Source Can have multiple donors – except in the case of Raw Virgin hair Multiple donors Multiple donors Single donor, no blended lengths or additives
How has it been changed? Has never been manipulated or chemically treated Has been chemically treated and manipulated using (but not limited to) heat or silicones. Remy hair may also be dyed to ensure uniformity of color. Donor may have treated, relaxed, colored, permed their hair prior to donation. Has not been chemically treated or manipulated, has no uniform color or pattern
Is the hair cuticle smooth? Has a cuticle that is intact Cuticles have not been stripped Has a cuticle that is intact, and all hair is running in the same direction from root to tip Cuticles are intact, no matting.
How can the hair be styled? Can be dyed, washed and heat manipulated Can be dyed, washed and heat manipulated Can be dyed, washed and heat manipulated Can be dyed, washed and heat manipulated
How long will the hair last? Can last up to 1 year with proper maintenance Can last up to 1 year with proper maintenance Can last up to 1 year with proper maintenance Can last more than a year with proper maintenance
Which textures does this hair come in? Comes in familiar textures like body wave, deep wave, loose wave, and more. Comes in 3 basic textures:Straight Wavy Curly Vendors rename the textures for branding reasons
Our Indian Exotic Wave is a gorgeous example of Raw Virgin Hair.
When using Raw Virgin hair, you will need two bundles - but if you want the drama, try three bundles of hair or more. When you’re installing Virgin Remy hair, you will need three bundles if you’re using lengths shorter than 18 inches. If you’re using bundles longer than 18 inches, use four bundles. For lengths 30 inches and longer, you will need 5 bundles of hair.
Three bundles of hair in addition to a closure will get the job done, but for volume, we recommend 4 bundles of hair and a closure.
We love a good frontal! Depending on the hair texture (straight, wavy, curly) and desired style (pixie, bob, blunt cut, flowing tresses) you can use 2 or 3 bundles with full fabulous effect.
All hair needs proper care, let’s start there. We have a complete maintenance guide and product suggestions. Just click here!
With proper care, you can enjoy your bundles for a year or more.
Lace closures tend to last between two to three months especially if they’re being used with lace glues and adhesives. Be mindful that if you pluck your closure, you’re also very likely to have the part widen by loss of the knots if you handle it aggressively. We normally recommend methods that involve either very light plucking or no plucking at all to maintain the integrity of the lace and the knots.
Lace frontals can be applied using tape, gel adhesives (like Got 2B Glued), and adhesives. While the latter 2 options are preferred, they do shorten the life-span of your frontal. When using Got 2B Glued for installation, clients can enjoy up to six days of wear without major lifting. If using a bonding adhesive like Ghost Bond, with proper application, clients can enjoy up to two weeks of wear without lifting.
While beautiful and offering the most flexibility, lace frontals are considered ‘temporary styles’. We always advise our dolls to expect some shedding and tangling (especially at the nape).
Believe it or not, we have clients that get up to one full year of minimal shedding, tangle-free use out of their closures and frontals. They have OG lace frontal maintenance skills. Amani Hair and Beauty has the perfect maintenance guide to get the most out of your hair!
We’ve got you covered!  See our Hair Maintenance Guide.
Your Amani Hair can, in fact, be bleached, straightened, curled and recolored! Be sure to deep condition your hair regularly after coloring. Treat your Amani Hair like it’s your own.
While you may want a texture match, we don’t recommend it. It’s most like mix-ing raw rice and cooked rice.
Doll, that is a matter of preference. While both Raw Virgin Hair and Virgin Remy Hair are both 100% Human Hair there are a few differences: Raw Virgin Hair costs more because it is the best product among the hair exten-sions. It comes from a single donor, has never, ever been processed and does not have a uniform pattern and hair color. Raw Virgin hair is healthy with beau-tiful shape and quality. It is pristine from the donor to you.
Virgin Remy Hair is also 100% Human Hair and the most popular hair type be-cause of its quality and price. Dolls love that it looks natural because all of the hair flows in the same direction. Remy hair can come from multiple donors and those donors may have colored, relaxed, permed or bleach their hair before donating, therefore, the hair needs to be rearranged prior to being wefted and shipped. Virgin Remy Hair also has smooth, healthy hair with perfect shape and quality.
We’ve created a table on our product webpage to help you decide. Keep in mind that just like natural hair, curly textures can appear 45%-50% shorter due to the tightness of the curl, but have no fear, the length is all there. For example, a 12inch kinky texture can appear to be 6inches. You can also use a ruler or measuring tape and measure from the top of your ear to where you want the extension to end. That should give you an idea of the length you’ll need.
We have LOTS of hairspiration from our clients on our Facebook product page or our Instagram page. Look through the galleries and find the lengths and styles you like.
Well, doll, each look depends on the styling products and tools used by each hairstylist on our models.
Luckily for you, doll, you can order one of our sample swatches to help make texture matching easier. If you’re using a frontal or a closure, there is no need to at-tempt to match textures.
Below FAQ are some common questions from our customers if you have other questions, please just send it to
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Below FAQ are some common questions from our customers if you have other questions, please just send it to

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